Can’t smoke stupid?

Miami Heat suspended Dion Waiters 10 games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team after ESPN reports he had a ” “panic attack” on team’s flight after consuming a THC-infused edible, allegedly given to him by a teammate
So is the suspension for drug use, or stupidity (Eating a marijuana gummie or whatever before getting on a flight?)
And who gave it to him?

Maybe most of Saints team was out late last night at LSU victory parties?   Either that or someone should have told New Orleans today wasn’t a second bye week.

Alabama fans worried their team won’t get a chance to climb back into playoff picture with their remaining schedule. Especially with Crimson Tide having scheduled such non-conference powerhouse opponents as Western Carolina.

Senator Amy Klobuchar is rising in polls and has a serious chance for the Democratic Presidential nomination? Right, that’s as likely as the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team being 9-0. 

Trump showed up in Alabama on Saturday and Crimson Tide lost for the 1st time in 4 years at home. Now, on Wednesday Donald WAS in Louisiana. Can we blame Saints loss on him too? 

Seriously, anyone notice that Trump has been going to sporting events lately on the weekend instead of golfing? One symptom of Alzheimer’s, or vascular dementia, IS balance issues.

Neil Young’s US citizenship application has been delayed over “moral character” issues because Young has admitted to smoking marijuana. If only Neil had just grabbed women by the p*ssy?



Bushfires in New South Wales have resulted in a worst ever “catastrophic” fire warning for the greater Sydney region,.
How long until Trump attacks Australia and threatens to withhold aid for not raking their forests?

Trump is tweeting support of Nikki Haley’s book. Anyone believe he actually read it?

If Barack Obama on  Twitter had regularly promoted the books and TV shows of his supporters GOP would have impeached him over emoluments clause and Hatch act.

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