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November 9, 2019

First Alabama loss at home in 31 games. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Alabama hadn’t lost at home in 4 years. Millions of football fans across America are now hoping Trump decides to attend an NFL playoff game  with his buddy Robert Kraft in Foxborough, Mass.


Illinois trailed 31-10 entering fourth quarter against Michigan State. And the Illini won 37-34.
On the brighter side for the Spartans, their players increased their chances of being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons..

29-23 Baylor over TCU doesn’t sound like that bad a game until you realize neither team scored a TD in regulation.

(The score after regulation was 9-9, each team scored 3 TDs.)

Ohio State Heisman candidate Chase Young reportedly will be suspended over a loan from a family friend. The suspension will be for last four games of regular season. Because rules are rules, but they should never get in the way of ESPN and College Football Playoffs.

Amtrak apparently quietly introduced new ticket rules this year that won’t let passengers sue in a crash.  It’s tough to make US airlines look but give Amtrak credit.

One nice thing about being a West Coast Democrat and a sports fan these days is that when you wake up on weekend mornings, especially Saturdays,  there are at least football scores as opposed just to “What did Trump do now?”

So if we promise that Putin will make sure he doesn’t get booed at hockey games, maybe Trump might move to Moscow?

Trump was predominately cheered at LSU vs Alabama game today. Well, suppose it makes sense, that Venn Diagram between the South and those who could afford to get into the game.

Biden’s response when told Donald Trump was thinking of going to Russia’s May Day event in 2020 “Are you serious. You’re kidding me. Are you joking?”

Yet another episode in “Is it Trump or is it Satire?

Follow the money..

November 9, 2019

Wonder how many millions, or billions, might be waged on LSU-Alabama football game tomorrow.  As long as fans don’t do anything illegal, like buy a player dinner.

NCAA just ruled Memphis freshman James Wiseman, projected as #1 2020 NBA draft pick, ineligible because Penny Hardaway gave his family $11,500 towards moving expenses.
Sad for Memphis. But maybe Wiseman can find some good pickup games to keep in shape before being drafted next June by the Warriors.

Ohio State Heisman contender has to sit out against Maryland “due to a possible NCAA issue” of accepting “a loan from a family friend.”
Are we sure Urban Meyer isn’t somehow involved?


Now reports that Steph Curry’s broken hand might keep him out all season. Forget bobbleheads, how long until the newest Warriors Chase Center giveaway is a toy tank?


Still think your vote doesn’t matter? In the race for San Francisco District Attorney, the current margin for the leader is 156 votes.

Facebook says it is deleting mentions of the potential whistleblower’s name for violating their “coordinating harm policy,” which prohibits material that could identify a “witness, informant, or activist.”
Uh, so why did they allow the name to be posted in the first place.

Bill Clinton has a consensual physical relationship with an adult woman & GOP tries to impeach him.
Jim Jordan is accused by multiple people of ignoring sexual abuse of college students by a coach & GOP puts him on the intelligence committee.

Stephen Miller is engaged. The couple is registered at “Bed, Bath and Beyond Common Decency.”

Nikki Haley defending Trump “You’re going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and – and giving money and it wasn’t withheld?”
If only Donald had done something really impeachable like cheat on his wife. Oh wait, never mind.

Trump says he is thinking of accepting Putin’s invitation to the May Day parade in Moscow. Kamala Harris tweeted “Always nice to spend time with supporters on the campaign trail.”
More like checking in with the boss.

Your reminder question, how many people have to be lying for
Donald Trump to be telling the truth?