Well, after tonight’s reception from Nats fans in DC guessing whoever ends up winning World Series isn’t getting White House invite. Astros owner is Jim Crane, per Wikipedia “..a supporter of the Democratic Party (who) frequently golfs with former U.S. President Barack Obama.”

Not that the fans would be much more supportive.  – This reminder from 2016 Presidential election in Texas – Houston/HarrisCounty: Trump 545,955 votes, Clinton 707,914 votes.

And hey, I’m not the President, but at least when I’ve been lucky enough (as a SF Giants season ticket holder) to go to World Series games, I brought my son!

Trump also decided in advance to arrive World Series game 5 after it started and to beat the traffic by leaving early.   Uh sorry, Donald, Nationals don’t want you and it’s too late to claim you’re a Dodgers fan.

NFL loves to talk their salary cap and parity.   But can anyone remember a season with less parity?   Through week 8  – four teams, three in NFC with 0 or 1 losses.  Five teams, four in AFC with 0 or 1 wins.

Very early days in NBA for Warriors. But a reminder, again, how amazing, and difficult the San Antonio Spurs current streak is of 22 consecutive playoff appearances.

After metal filings in their food were found by a customer, Taco Bell just recalled 2.3 million lbs of beef from restaurants in 21 states. Shocking, Taco Bell uses actual beef?!

A new book indicates Trump told James Mattis to “screw Amazon” out of bidding on a $10 billion Pentagon cloud computing contract. “But who would believe POTUS could be that petty?” said no one.

It was apparently C.I.A. who got the tip on al-Baghdadi’s location last summer. So I missed Trump giving credit to the “deep state.”

Wait, so, per Trump, if ISIS was already defeated how also can, per Trump, killing al-Baghadi be bigger than killing Osama bin Laden? This is SO confusing.

When US got Bin Laden, Obama instantly called press conference to announce it. Now when US military killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi  on Saturday, Trump had to stage a situation room photo, and then  SCHEDULE announcement for Sunday am. I am so ready for this Presidential reality show to be canceled.

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