Getting what you pay for.

Stubhub says cheapest ticket tonight in DC for World Series game…. 1102.00
Cheapest ticket in DC for Jets-Redskins on Sunday. 15.00

But World Series Game 3 between Astros and Nationals ended up being over 3 hours old through the 6th inning.  Over 4 hours total, despite the final score being only 4-1.   Even the Red Sox and Yankees were thinking “Can you speed it up a little?

If you weren’t already a Jose Andres fan, he’s been asked to throw out first pitch for Game 5. His first response “I’m humbled by the invitation, and I realize is a big big big honor but I really hope that by Saturday night all of Washington will be celebrating that the Nationals are the 2019 MLB World Series Champions.”

Not sure if the 1-0 Miami Heat will make the playoffs. But they already have more wins than the 2019 Miami Dolphins.

Another reason Trump didn’t really want to throw out first pitch for World Series game 5. Not only would he “look heavy,” but also he’d be shown up by today’s “first pitcher” 89 yr-old Buzz Aldrin.

Ivanka and Jared are having a big 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration this weekend, with Donald Trump in attendance. The location? Camp David. Your tax dollars at work.

Lost in the grift of Ivanka and Jared celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary at Camp David, who invites her DAD on an anniversary trip with her husband?

Eric Trump says Trump Organization may sell the Trump Hotel Washington DC because “People are objecting to us making so much money on the hotel.”
Wait, I thought Donald said he was losing billions being President. This is SO confusing.


Even Mark Sanchez thinks Rudy Giuliani accidentally dialing a reporter was a major butt fumble.

So did Trump tweet out to Tim Apple that he doesn’t like the iPhone swipe because no one has ever swiped right on him?


from Marc Ragovin  “Upon further review, MLB umpire Rob Drake needs to take another high school course in civacs

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