Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye baby

12 home runs tonight in SF Giants 10-9 win in Arizona.


With all the baseballs ending up in the stratosphere are we sure tonight’s SF Giants Arizona Diamondbacks game wasn’t sponsored by NASA?

Your reminder, again, that the Orioles DFA’ed Mike Yastrzemski. SF Giants say “thank you.”

SF Giants Dereck Rodriguez complained after his last start about being sent to the minors and losing his place in the rotation.
Last night he came back, and threw 7 shutout innings.
Just guessing that “little less conversation a little more action” will be more effective at keeping him in big leagues.

Cal will start selling beer and wine during football games. Makes some sense. You almost have to be drunk to sit through Golden Bears games.

NFL is reinstating Josh Gordon. Too soon to start a pool on when he’ll be suspended again?

Didn’t realize that Bowling Green was in Little League World Series. Amazed they’re not getting more coverage for their bravery in still playing after that horrible massacre.

WTF? The Mormon Church yesterday reminded young people to avoid coffee, tea (including iced tea) , harmful and habit-forming substances including vaping, adding “any drink ending in “-ccino” probably has coffee and therefore breaks the rules.”
Uh, has any member of Church actually been to Starbucks?. Only “harmful and habit-forming substance” in a Strawberry frappuccino is sugar.

Fox News headline. “2020 race shaping up as battle between ‘Keep America Great’ vs. ‘Make America Boring Again.”
Not saying I agree, but thinking compared to now, millions of Americans would be THRILLED for “Boring Again.”


Mitch McConnell has surgery today to repair that shoulder he says he fractured in a fall a few weeks ago.  So he now has a pre-existing condition? Will Moscow Mitch relinquish future insurance claims as he wants Americans to do if GOP can repeal Obamacare?

Does Trump want to buy Greenland because he thinks the “Green” part has something to do with golf?


Ah, this is one of the reasons I am fond of Amy Klobuchar – Her tweet riddle today. “The difference between Donald Trump and Greenland? Greenland is not for sale.”

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2 Comments on “Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye baby”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    If they ever remake The Godfather, Stephen Miller should be cast as Fredo. Doesn’t even need makeup.

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