Juice box?

Miami 13, Los Angeles 7. So who scheduled pre-season football at Marlins Park today

DeMarcus Cousins, who signed with Los Angeles Lakers this summer, has torn his left ACL. Was he washing his truck at the time?

It’s only August 15, but right now looks like someone’s going to win the NL Central with a record that would leave them about 10 games behind the second AL Wild Card.

Johnny Cueto threw 49 pitches for San Jose tonight in a rehab start & is supposed to throw 55-60 pitches next time. San Francisco is considering activating him very soon. Why not? Especially with today’s baseballs, SF Giants, and other teams, have had starters be essentially gone after that many pitches.

Tonight reminded us of why SF Giants gave Dereck Rodriguez a bobblehead.


Trump tonight called a protester at his rally fat. Funeral services this weekend are pending for Irony.

Trump tweeting about Walmart sales results. Wonder why he isn’t talking about 22 people who won’t be shopping anymore at Walmart because they are dead

So Trump wants to buy Greenland? Next I assume he will tell us Mexico will pay for it.

After a ton of online ads today I get actual US Mail fundraising letter from Tom Steyer, who I’ve never donated to…. And while I’m “Vote Blue No Matter Who 2020” haven’t we learned a lesson about politically inexperienced rich white men who say “I alone can fix it?”

New poll finds 90% of Americans want background checks for gun sales, and 67% want a ban on assault weapons.
But of course that poll is from that liberal media source… . Fox News.
Oops, never mind.


Trump says “Representatives Omar and Tlaib are the face of the Democrat Party.”
They aren’t my favorite members of Congress but better them than Steve King and Roy Moore.

But give Donald credit, who else for many moderates and even Republicans could make two of the most controversial Democrat congresswomen into sympathetic figures?

Someone said I would like it if England banned Rep. Steve King as part of a Congressional delegation. Now, I DESPISE Steve King. But I loved Molly Ivins more. “This is a fairly standard fate for free speech in this country: We all believe in it — until it really, really hurts.”

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