Being Puigy?

Yasiel Puig has dropped his appeal and will begin serving his three-game suspension for brawling in his last game as a Cincinnati Red next Monday night .  His new team, the Indians that night will open a three-game series against Boston.

How far have the World Series champions fallen that a player figures that’s the game his team will least miss him?

Marc Ragovin says “How dead are the Red Sox?  Their team security is being handled by the NY Bureau of Prisons.”

Another good reason the SF Giants didn’t trade closer Will Smith. Imagine the waste of his bat if he went to an AL team.

Headline in NY Daily News today “The Yankees absolutely own the Orioles.”
Uh, Baltimore is 39-79. MOST teams absolutely own the Orioles.

Washington Nationals have 7-2 lead going to the 8th against Reds, hang on to win 7-6 with tying run at 2nd with 1 out in the 9th.
So all Nats need to win it all is Max Scherzer having a Mickey Lolich/Madison Bumgarner type World Series.

A-Rod’s rental car was broken into near Oracle Park last night with estimated $500,000 in electronics & jewelry stolen.
Now, burglaries shouldn’t happen to anyone…. but who leaves half a million worth of stuff in a rental car? #cantfixstupid


Pretty sure “Jenny from the Bronx” is telling A-Rod, “Honey, I love you but WTF are you doing leaving valuables in your car on the street?”


Now I’m getting FB messages from Tom Steyer “Still hoping to see Tom on stage for the 3rd debate?”
Uh, just say no.

Now Trump is retweeting Joe Biden’s gaffes. I just spit my covfefe.

Trump tweeting today about his “great and loyal friends” Diamond and Silk.
Right, until one of them slips and says something mildly critical of him, or gets arrested, and then he will claim he hardly knows him.

Trump’s new Public Charge rule penalizes legal immigrants who use any government benefits, including for their children. Uh, how about the immigrant who with her son is in public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue.


“Public Charge” can include medical care for your kid. So Trump is saying someone who has had a sick child could be denied a green card for having accepted Medicaid. Once again, pro-life my ass.

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2 Comments on “Being Puigy?”

  1. Old guy in NEPA Says:

    Tom Steyer should just buy himself a pair of Senators & a state legislature. You know, like a normal billionaire.

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