Biggest baseball smile of the year?

Giants closer Will Smith  in 8 major league seasons had never had an at-bat.  He had one today with his team leading 7-6 in the 8th, and hit a 2 run single.

So maybe Madison Bumgarner is just just a role model for pitchers on the mound.  But good thing SF Giants held onto him and Will Smith.  They needed their bats.

So of all the crazy things this baseball season, how did the SF Giants not manage to win at least 1 of 3 games where they faced the Washington Nationals bullpen?

Astros behind Justin Verlander today in Baltimore were one of biggest betting road favorite against the Orioles today in baseball history.

Bringing to mind one of my favorite jokes “If God bet on baseball how would he do?

“7 or 8 of 10. Baseballs take funny bounces.”

Weird sports stat for the day: Going into today’s game against each other, the Royals (42-76) and Tigers (35-79) had won fewer games between them than the Dodgers (78-41)

The Arizona Cardinals released DT Darius Philon after he was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, allegedly for threatening to shoot a dancer outside a strip club in May.
Wonder if this will or won’t be the end of Philon’s career, it’s not like he knelt for the anthem.

Florida sophomore DB John Huggins has been dismissed from football program. While a reason wasn’t given, last fall Huggins allegedly put his hands around a tutor’s neck. He’s the fifth Gator to have been reported for violence against a woman under second-year coach Mullen.
Are we sure Urban Meyer isn’t somehow involved?


Marianne Williamson claiming “there’s some very powerful forces that want to make sure I’m not in that third debate.” “Very powerful forces?” They’re called “voters.”

We are now in a world where the President of the United States talks about trusting a murderous North Korean dictator while retweeting a tweet accusing a former President of the United States of murder.

Democrats are condemning Trump for re-tweeting a no-evidence conspiracy theory linking Jeffrey Epstein’s death to Bill Clinton.
Why aren’t Republicans joining them?

It’s been revealed there is no surveillance video of the moment Epstein hanged himself. “I’m shocked,” said nobody.


11p on Saturday night and the “Leader of the free world” was going after Anthony Scaramucci. Gosh, why doesn’t Trump go after the idiot who hired Scaramucci in the first place?

On a weekend Trump attacks Donny Deutsch, Joe Scarborough and Bill Maher on Twitter all in 24 hours. But no, Donald doesn’t watch much TV….


So where are the pictures of the crying children in Mississippi because their parents were thrown in jail for hiring undocumented workers. Oh wait, never mind.

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3 Comments on “Biggest baseball smile of the year?”

  1. Marty Robinson Says:

    “Democrats are condemning Trump for re-tweeting a no-evidence conspiracy theory linking Jeffrey Epstein’s death to Bill Clinton.
    Why aren’t Republicans joining them?”

    Do you really have to ask? (No, you don’t)

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying the Red Sox are dead, but team security is now being provided by the Bureau of Prisons

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