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The game’s the thing

August 8, 2019

Some days I think I care too much about sports, then I watch into an airport bar where people are actually getting UPSET about a preseason football game.

Okay, yeah SF season has fallen apart in August. But I am still really really glad Madison Bumgarner is in a Giants uniform.
(and yes, I hope they resign him.)


A temporary 8,000-seat ballpark will be built at the Field of Dreams site in Iowa for the Yankees and White Sox to play an actual MLB game next August.
Well, they’ve got it half-right, shouldn’t it be the Reds – White Sox?

(those were the two teams in the Black Sox scandal world series.)

Although if MLB wanted teams to feel at home in front of 8,000 they should have chosen the Rays and Marlins.


Cowboys DE Robert Quinn has been suspended for first two games of season for violating NFL’s PED policy.
Taxi squad players for example earn about $7,600 a week. CFL players make about $50,00 for the year. Quinn signed a contract with Dallas for $8 million this year.
And now a two whole game suspension. That’ll deter players who worry about being cut from trying.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney won’t give QB Kelly Bryant, who left the team after 4 games last year, a Championship ring.
While I see his point, Dan Uggla has a 2014 WS SF Giants ring.

Another from Marc Ragovin  “Rosie Ruiz has died. Most people take a stairway to heaven but old Rosie will probably jump onto an escalator 3/4 of the way there.”

Donnie Jr is sending out a Trump fundraising email attacking Joaquin Castro for posting the name of Trump donors.
Hmm, for some reason he doesn’t mention, if you donate, your name too will become part of PUBLIC RECORD.

If Trump loves El Paso so much, why doesn’t he pay the city for the $500,000 he still owes for the rally he loves to brag about so much.


Again, after Mississippi raids….  if Trump wanted to make a point about immigrants, wages and jobs, all he would have to do is offer very high wages at say, Mar-A-Lago, fill the jobs with Americans, and then say, see, we don’t need immigrant workers.

But that would require, a, sacrificing a little bit of profit to make a point, and b, finding Americans who actually want to do those jobs.

Trump now feuding with Jerome Powell, current Chair of the Federal Reserve.  Now, by law a President can’t fire the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.  Maybe Donald should fire the idiot who nominated him?


Most of what I post is snark. This isn’t.  Worth a few minutes, and have tissues handy.

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