Power outage?

Great pitching from SF Giants tonight, but on the first day back from road trip have to ask –  Did the airline lose their bats?

Madison Bumgarner threw nine innings today for SF Giants. That SHOULD count as a complete game.

Jim Harbaugh – “Urban Meyer’s had a winning record. Really phenomenal record everywhere he’s been. But also, controversy follows everywhere he’s been.”

Uh, whether or not you like Harbaugh, he’s right.

T.S. Eliot is listed in the credits for “Cats” movie. Bringing to mind another of his quotes. – “Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them.”

Florida headline of the day. Five guys were arrested after a fist fight at…wait for it, Five Guys.
If only they were armed.

Top Gun 2 trailer is out. Now Maverick is riding into the danger zone with his left blinker on.

The shocking thing about Jeffrey Epstein being denied bail is not that he deserves to stay in prison, but that as rich and well-connected as he is, the judge did the right thing.

Trump campaign selling “Trump Straws – Pack of 10
$15.00 “Liberal paper straws don’t work. STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today. Reusable & Recyclable Made in USA”
Happened to check Ebay, 200 recyclable plastic straws for $5.59.
Trump claims liberals think his supporters are stupid. He’s the one who acts like they are.

Not saying Trump supporters are clueless but they’d chant “Send her Back” about Pocahontas.

Trump nominates Gene Scalia, son of former Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia, as his new Secretary of Labor. But remind me again of all those who didn’t vote for Hillary because they were tired of a few families running things in Washington?

Trump’s EPA today ruled to keep using chlorpyrifos, a pesticide previously banned by Obama administration because of studies showing it damages the brains of fetuses and children.
Must not make “brain damage” equals future GOP voter jokes….

Lindsey Graham – “if you’re a Somali refugee wearing a MAGA cap, [Trump] doesn’t want to send you back”
So you mean all immigrants need to get asylum at the border is to show up wearing MAGA hats?

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