Buyers and sellers

Apparently Oklahoma City Thunder are having a hard time trading Chris Paul. And who’d a thunk teams might not be willing to take on a 34 year old injury-prone point guard with a remaining 3 year, $124 million contract?

Maddest fans about SF Giants hot streak over the last 6 weeks are probably not those of the teams they have passed in the Wild Card hunt, but those who were planning on picking up top players at fire sale prices.

As fans now debate if SF Giants should trade Madison Bumgarner looks like they might be adding a very good pitcher next month – Johnny Cueto close to making a rehab start.

 Apparently Big Baller brand merchandise was available at a Los Angeles volleyball tournament at drastically reduced prices, starting at $5 for an $50 t-shirt, leading to speculation that Lavar Ball’s promotional empire might be crumbling.

“That’s so sad,” said nobody.

Eric Trump says “95% of Americans agree with my father.”
Uh, Eric, I’m not sure 95% of Americans agree on anything. Except maybe that Hannah was right to dump Luke in the Bachelorette. And that you are definitely the stupid one.

After playing golf this week with Trump, Rand Paul just blocked a vote on extending fund for 9/11 first responders because he said it would add to US debt.
Where’s the GoFundMe page for legal expenses for Rand Paul’s neighbor?

So how many medical bills for 9/11 first responders could we have covered for the cost of Donald Trump’s 4th of July masturbatory fantasy? Asking for a country.

Trump today at his Carolina hate rally. about  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:  – “I don’t have time to go with three different names. We’ll call her Cortez. Too much time. Takes too much time.”

Translation, he can’t even REMEMBER her name. And how hard is it to remember AOC anyway?

Now self-described good Christian and bible-lover Trump has retweeted John Kennedy’s calling congresswomen the “four horsewomen of the Apocalypse.” So can some reporter just ask him his interpretation of the original biblical reference?

Based on last few days guessing Trump hard-core supporters will be unhappy with USA electing a Democrat in 2020 and want to leave. So which countries might accept them as refugees?

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