Team player?

Kevin Durant flew to Toronto with Warriors for Games 1 and 2.
So is there a chance he’s playing game 2? Or is KD just trolling Kawhi for not traveling to playoffs with the Spurs last year?.

SF Giants Miami Marlins attendance looks like a Montreal Expos crowd only smaller.



Orlando temperatures broke a record for May 28 with a high of 97 degrees today.
So if you think you’re having a bad day, at least you’re not in a two-hour line for Splash Mountain.


The Fresno Grizzlies Triple-A baseball team has apologized for a Memorial Day video in which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was depicted among “enemies of freedom.”
The Grizzlies, formerly a Giants farm team, are now affiliated with the Washington Nationals. So at least there’s ONE embarrassment SF Giants fans are being spared this season.

It costs about $45,000 to climb Everest. Just thinking that for that amount of money climbers could probably save lives instead of risking their own.

RIP  Bill Buckner. Will he be posthumously inducted into Mets Hall of Fame?

Clarence Thomas seems so upset about both abortion and even birth control have to wonder if his first wife took the pill against his wishes?

Missouri is dealing with severe weather tonight including a tornado that touched down in Kansas City. Maybe God heard about the abortion ban and decided she is pissed?

Trump  being ‘Presidential” on Memorial Day by attacking Joe Biden over the 1994 Crime Bill, and saying “anyone associated with the bill will not have a chance of being elected. In particular, African Americans will not be able to vote for you.”
Wonder what the Central Park Five think?

WTF? Trump fundraising email of the day, talking about “socialist Democrats:”Today is actually Bernie’s anniversary and he loves radical socialism so much that he took his honeymoon to the Soviet Union. What a joke!”
Did Putin suggest Donald write that?

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