We the new North.

Finland won its third world hockey title,  3-1 victory over Canada on Sunday.  And in Canada they’re thinking… .who cares, our new national sport is basketball.

R.I.P. HOF former Green Bay Packers QB Bart Starr. But for those who remember him from our childhood… how did he get to be 85?


Many Americans are taking Memorial Day weekend off. Did someone tell SF Giants they didn’t have to?


Trump sent a congratulatory tweet to Simon Pagenaud for barely beating Alexander Rossi in Indy 500 and an invitation for Simon and Roger Penske to visit the White House. So nobody explained to Donald that a Frenchman won over an American?

And Trump tweet included “I am in Japan, very early in the morning, but I got to watch Simon drive one of the greatest races in the history of the sport.”

Didn’t have any of those early morning tweets about say, the devastation and deaths from tornadoes affecting Americans this week.


A man was killed swimming off the beach near Kaanapali, Maui. Sad but wonder how many tourists will now avoid the ocean when there is far more of a chance to be killed as a pedestrian on Hawaii streets.
Or for that matter driving to or from the airport.

As Britain struggles over Leave or Remain surely there have to be other Americans besides me who think if the South wants to leave again, let them go?

Regarding Nancy Pelosi and her dealings with Donald Trump – remember, we are 17 plus months from election. If sports teaches us nothing else, remember, it’s not the regular season, it’s the playoffs. And in many ways, the 2020 election IS the playoffs.


Conservative GOP Senator Joni Ernst disagrees with Trump, saying “I find North Korean missile tests ‘very disturbing'”

Can we dream that “very disturbing” is a more actionable statement than ‘very concerned?”

Sarah Sanders this morning said Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have the same opinion of Joe Biden. Thank you Sarah for writing one of Biden’s first commercials.

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One Comment on “We the new North.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Bus to hell time: will they bury the baseball legend in a Y shaped coffin?

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