April madness.

1413 wins combined NBA regular season and playoffs.  Most ever.  Gregg Popovich is a helluva coach. That is all.

Four opening NBA playoff games today.  #1 seed Warriors won.   But #3 seeds 76ers and #2 seeds Raptors and Nuggets both lost.

And the NCAA seeding committee wasn’t even involved.


Philadelphia 76ers got their postseason off to an embarrassing start by being solidly beaten at home by Brooklyn Nets.
Toronto Raptors at home against Orlando Magic ‘Hold our Molson beer.”

After being with SF Giants for about a week, Kevin Pillar has only 1 fewer home run than Buster Posey did in 2018.

From Giants writer Alex Pavlovic on Kevin Pillar two days ago “The Giants do not have another player who has cleared 108 mph in exit velocity this season. Yep, the new guy has the three hardest-hit balls of the season. ”
Today Madbum hit one over 110 mph…. #WeDontNeedNoStinkinDH

If you think your job is tiring, remember Eric Kratz caught 265 pitches in last night’s 18 inning SF Giants win.

Luke Walton has agreed to become head coach in Sacramento next year. Who’d a thunk the Kings would be an upgrade over the Lakers?

Kevin Durant says he “sacrificed a lot of s—” when he joined Warriors in 2016. Right, two championships, only $54 million for two years plus endorsements. Tragic, really.

FDA recalling pre-cut melon products produced by Caito Foods due to potential salmonella, after CDC reported 93 reported illnesses & 23 hospitalizations in 9 states.
But hey, it’s just science. So own the libs, eat more of that pre-cut melon!

Wow, it really is a cult. On Twitter I complained that “Cadet Bone Spurs,” who dodged the draft, has no business making decisions for the military on things like transgender soldiers.

The response from a MAGAer – “Jesus Christ, it was 40 years ago. Move on.” Wonder if that’s true to them for everything else he did before becoming president.

Think it’s wrong to compare Trump on Twitter to a child recklessly playing with matches.
He’s an arsonist, gleefully throwing lit matches as fast as he can, hoping that some of them will cause infernos and explosions.

Tonight’s tweet storm was wild even by Trump standards. Did someone have a really bad day on the golf course? Sad.

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One Comment on “April madness.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Who says that football is over? Yesterday in AAA Baseball, the final score was Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 20, Rochester Red Wings 18 in 10 innings.

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