Beginning madness…

When former Duke star & eventual asst coach Johnny Dawkins became Stanford head coach, his son Aubrey soon started at Palo Alto High School. Tonight Johnny, now head coach at UCF, with Aubrey on team, won 1st round March Madness for the Knights against VCU.   Good for them both.

And wait. I thought West Coast college basketball, except for Gonzaga was supposed to be awful this year.  #Washington.

In particular, guessing UC Irvine stores are about to sell out of anteater merchandise.


uke and UNC watch the Virginia vs  GardnerWebb game and decide that as a one seed in 1st round you only need to show up in 2nd half?

Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby not going to White House for Stanley Cup championship visit. “I have to stay true to my values. I’m going to respectfully decline the offer.” Waiting for Trump to say “Who needs a goalie anyway?”

Robert Kraft was caught on video tape, TWICE, paying a woman for sex acts. But doesn’t want to accept lenient plea deal that involves admitting guilt. I liked ‘I had no idea those footballs were deflated” better.

Trump has a problem. Now General Motors says they are going to hire 400 workers at a plant north of Detroit. But to build more ELECTRIC cars. Does he applaud? Or condemn them for harming his beloved oil industry?

Steve King, bragging about Iowans being resilient and helping each other after recent floods, which killed three people in Nebraska and Iowa  –  “We go to a place like New Orleans, and everybody’s looking around saying, ‘Who’s going to help me? ”

Uh, 1833 people weren’t looking around saying “Who’s going to help me,” because they were, you know, dead.  #Katrina


Anyone on social media please take a chill pill on Mueller report until we find out what’s in it. At this only definite thing is that we WILL find out what’s in it. Mueller’s investigation was only thing in DC that didn’t leak.



Some Trump fans saying Mueller Report would vindicate him. Okay, fine, then release the report. ALL of it.

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