Start your madness?

So it begins – 64 challengers down to 1. Non-sports fans might be forgiven to wonder if March Madness is latest name for the 2020 Democratic primary.


Think if you claim credit for a March Madness bracket upset you should at least, without Google, be able to identify where the school you picked is located.


Most exciting ending of kind of meh March Madness day one was New Mexico State down two at end of game and passing up easy game-tying layup against Auburn in favor of a potential game winning three. The guy got fouled. then missed 2 of 3 foul shots. A buzzer non-beater?

Most impressive upset so far, #12 Murray State easily handling  #5 Marquette. Oh please oh please can someone ask Donald Trump about Murray State. Want to hear him brag about saying he won all Murray’s electoral votes.

Wow, In honor of Murray State blowout of Marquette today, can we temporarily change lyrics of that Steve Miller song to “Crash like a (Golden) Eagle?”

Lamont Smith, former men’s basketball coach at the University of San Diego, has resigned as assistant coach at UTEP after being accused in college admissions scandal.
Many at ACC and SEC schools are shocked, you mean a potential recruit actually paid a COACH?  #ManBitesDog

A former intern in Cal athletic department has accused unnamed football players, coaches and staff members of sexual harassment. This is not how the Golden Bears wanted to join the ranks of big-time football programs.

My #FloridaMan item with my birthday is just a man trying to steal an ice cream truck. Darn, that’s cold.


Apparently Trump wants Patriots owner Robert Kraft to join the team at the White House despite Kraft’s prostitution arrest. Well, not like Kraft did anything really embarrassing, like taking a knee.


So maybe Trump still wants  Kraft to visit White House after his arrest is that Donald wants to warn the Robert privately not to tell anyone who recommended Orchards of Asia?

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, instead of vaccinating his nine children, exposed them all to chickenpox.
Nine children! Guessing he’s also against scientific methods to prevent STDs and pregnancy?.

So I guess GOP would have been fine with Hillary Clinton using WhatsApp?

As the Ethiopian Air crash investigation continues, your reminder that Obama’s FAA head left office in 2017, and Trump, who brags about not needing people in many roles that must be confirmed by the Senate, hadn’t nominated anyone until 2 days ago.


Donald Trump, who today called John McCain “horrible,”  said controversy over him insulting the dead war hero and Senator is all the media’s fault, saying, he doesn’t bring it up, but “When they ask me the question, I answer the question.”

Now Donald about those questions on your tax returns?

(and of course, the reason the media asks, is that Trump started this with a weekend tweet storm including insults against McCain.)

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