Cats is cats


It’s that time of year. When you’ve paid almost no attention to college basketball all besides quickly filling out a bracket with Zion and Duke winning it all, you go “why not? And just do a second bracket – a cat bracket  #MarchMadness

Some outrage over schools in March Madness with sub .500 records in their conferences. Makes sense, with records like that teams should only be eligible for NIT, or playoffs in NBA Eastern Conference.

San Antonio Spurs just clinched their 22nd straight winning season. Knicks fans are going “What’s a winning season?”


NY Giants GM Dave Gettleman, discussing the OBJ trade “Really and truly, you can win while you’re building.” Well, yes, but how many games is he talking about winning?

(or he could be talking about winning next year’s #1 NFL draft pick.)

Australia now barring any visitor with a domestic violence charge against women or children from entering the country. Well there go any potential future plans for NFL Australia.

Clayton Kershaw apparently won’t be ready for Opening Day. SF Giants fans are thinking ‘Take your time, don’t rush back for any Dodgers-Giants series in April either.”

For all those who think religious beliefs SHOULD allow an AirBnb host not to rent to a gay couple, hope they are also okay with owners demanding to see marriage licenses for straight couples.

Now Trump is calling Joe Biden “another low I.Q. individual!?” So is Donald’s dementia so bad he now thinks Joe is a black woman?

Donna Brazile is joining Fox News. Because network didn’t already have enough people who are anti-Hillary Clinton? #WTF?


Watching hardcore Trumpsters and MAGAers agree with EVERYTHING Trump tweets makes it sadly more and more understandable why Jim Jones’ followers at Jonestown drank that Kool-Aid.

For those lucky enough not to have a parent who has had dementia, Sunday’s Trump tweets were what “sundowning” looks like.

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