Selection time.

I miss having a President who would have spent today with his family and then filling out his brackets.

Some days I almost wish Donald Trump drank alcohol – then we could put tweet storms like this morning’s down to green beer for breakfast.

Advantage of Selection Sunday for March Madness being on St. Patrick’s Day  is Americans can all blame their soon to be busted brackets on beer and whiskey.

Greet Shirts saying ‘St Patty says Ban Dolan” were being sold out Madison Square Garden today, but security was reportedly confiscating them. Way to go owner James Dolan -, alienate the few fans Knicks have left.


Alabama is one of bigger snubs in March Madness so will be be heading to NIT. A shame for the team, but Crimson Tide fans will be able to salve their wounds when they get picked for next year’s CFB playoffs.

Lakers vs Knicks this morning. And at the beginning of the NBA season who had this as a significant game in the quest for a lottery pick?

All you need to know about Lakers season in one sentence: After Los Angeles lost 11 point lead in last 3 1/2 minutes of game, LeBron James had his game winning shot blocked by Mario Hezonja of the Knicks.

So Trump is demanding comedy shows that attack him be taken off the air, while the shows of people who defend him be put back on the air.

Mick Mulvaney defended Trump as “not a white supremacist” and someone who stands up for “religious liberty, individual liberty.” And why would anyone think otherwise of a President who talks of an “invasion” and implemented a Muslim ban?

Not sure which is worse, Donald Trump being his usual sad petty self and attacking John McCain? Or McCain’s best friend Lindsey Graham not defending him posthumously?


Glad to see the GOP today criticizing Trump’s senseless posthumous attacks on John McCain. Oh, wait, never mind, they’re mocking Beto O’Rourke on Twitter for an 20 year old DUI….

How long until Donald Trump appoints possibly newly-unemployed Jeanine Piero as a federal judge?

Of course I would vote for him as the nominee but.Joe Biden tonight “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the … anybody who would run.” Anita Hill says “Hi.”


Early days, but thinking about a possible Klobuchar Buttigieg ticket. And one slogan/bumper sticker ‘Amy and Pete – because no one can spell our last names.”

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