A New York, or New Orleans minute?

Reviews of penalties are being discussed a lot this week in NFL, and some complain it will take too long. Two responses — first, you limit the challenges, the same as other challenges, and let the booth call them in last two minutes. But second, and this goes for all sports – put a one-minute time limit on replay reviews. If you have to watch for 5-10 minutes from a ton of different angles, then whatever humans called on the field is reasonable.. The egregious ones take 30 seconds or less.

NCAA is penalizing Missouri, including a 1 year football bowl ban, after finding a tutor did academic work for 12 student-athletes.
What a shame for those young men who have dreamed all their lives of playing in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Lost in all the other outrage these days, pitchers and catchers report in about two weeks. And Bryce Harper still hasn’t signed with a team.

17 cars caught fire on roof of a garage at Newark Airport this morning, 15 of them were destroyed. Hope the airport at least waived the parking fees.

Wait…. “According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a canine officer alerted other officers to the presence of 254 pounds of fentanyl hidden inside an 18-wheeler carrying cucumbers.”


So if per today’s unhinged Trump tweet storm the “Wall is already being built, I don’t expect much help!” why is there any need even to consider another shutdown?

So after Trump threw his entire intelligence team under the bus today, who do we have next in Trump Resignation Bingo?

Forecasts for Chicago are temperature rise from-25 below yesterday to low 50s and rain on Monday. Over 75 degrees.
So didn’t Trump just tweet that he wanted to see some global warming?

in Orlando, a UCF student was arrested outside his dorm, with a fully automatic AR-15 in his car. Arrested. Not shot. Don’t even need a picture to know what color he is.

So GOP insist ALL AOC’s ideas, even the most extreme ones, have been adopted by Democratic party, while crickets about Republican members of Congress like Ted Yoho, one of 7 to vote against back pay for furloughed workers.


Eight women have died in the past six years after patronizing a discount plastic surgery clinic in Miami.
But seriously, discount plastic surgery? Isn’t that like half-price day-old sushi?

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One Comment on “A New York, or New Orleans minute?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    So it’s the Friday before a Rams/Pats Super Bowl, or as Belichick likes to call it, a “pre-shoot”

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