47 states?

Yeah, more important things than sports, but just think, if referees didn’t miss that call, almost ALL of America would be briefly united on SuperBowl Sunday – if only in rooting for New Orleans Saints, aka “Anyone but the Patriots again.”

And we wouldn’t have lost the age vs. youth story with Patriots-Saints. Brady is a whole year older than Brees.

To be fair, Los Angeles fans are very caught up with this LA-New Orleans controversy.  As in, is there any chance the Lakers can talk the Pelicans into trading them Anthony Davis?


Not running for office, and never thought of blackface, ever. But I did tell a lot of Polish jokes when I was in elementary and high school. Anyone else got a confession?

Now Donald Trump says he’s losing ‘Massive Amounts of Money” in this job.
Gosh, if there was only something he could do to show that, like releasing his tax returns.



Again, not sure on 2020 at all. But this alone is almost enough to make me vote for Cory Booker. – When asked if he talked to Obama as he finalized his decision:

“I miss Obama, and I miss her husband, too.”

And although while I’m glad to see Cory Booker in the Presidential Race. But can we Democrats please remember – NO ONE, not our spouses, best friends, children, etc, agrees with us 100% on every issue.


There is not a single candidate running for the Democratic nomination who has not f*cked up something. Maybe we can start focusing on what each of them do right, and who shows they are the most likely to do good for our country?

If Democrats spend the energy we normally spend attacking each other in the primaries on attacking Trump we cannot lose in 2020.

Okay, I get stupid things in college, I even get stupid things in front of an old-fashioned camera in college.  (Alcohol possibly being involved.)  But when you’re definitely sober later, deciding a blackface/KKK costume picture is one of the thing you want your classmates to remember you by…?


This is going to get me in trouble, which I why I am posting it here and not on Twitter. But as Ralph Northam’s career sadly but justifiably goes down in flames, I can think of two CURRENT politicians whose followers never criticize them – Trump and Bernie.


from Marc Ragovin   “So it’s the Friday before a Rams/Pats Super Bowl, or as Belichick likes to call it, a “pre-shoot”’

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