Masters scholar athletes?

Now former Alabama and Texas quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Shane Buechele are the latest to have decided to enter the graduate transfer portal, which would allow them to play for their new universities next season.

Just once, I’d love to hear one of these guys announce what in graduate program they’re supposedly going to study.



New Dodgers President of Business Enterprise Tucker Kain has some big ideas – including “night clubs and sports bars inside Dodger Stadium.”
Well, it might be one way to get fans to stay past the 7th inning.

Bill Belichick says he’s not concerned about the freezing weather expected in Kansas City for AFC championship. Well, and even if Patriots HAD played well enough for #1 seed, forecast is for snow and sleet in Boston this Sunday.

Interim Michigan State President John Engler was forced to say he’ll resign today after telling Detroit News that Nassar’s victims had been in the “spotlight” & are “still enjoying that moment at times, you know, the awards & recognition.”
How long until Engler gets offered a job in Trump White House?

Trump said he bought 1,000 hamburgers for Clemson football team, White House said it was more like 300. Does this mean he’s got 700 burgers stored in fridge to survive a long shutdown?

Possible major flooding expected with storms in California over next two days. How long until Donald Trump somehow blames the state for it?


Note to SF Bay Area drivers. Rushing across the train tracks as signals start flashing and crossing arms start coming down is never smart. Doing that when it’s raining hard with slick roads is Darwin Award material.

Trump tweets today that “radical Democrats are the party of open borders and crime” while his cult members in Senate vote against sanctions on criminal Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. #NotTheOnion


So with SOTU being possibly delayed does that mean White House can stop work on translating it from the original Russian?

Apparently Chris Christie’s new book eviscerates Jared Kushner. But really, did Jared ever think the man who shut down a bridge over a perceived slight would forget being kicked out of a role in Trump administration?
Womp womp.



We cannot find him in the House.
We cannot find him with his spouse.
We cannot find him in a chair
We cannot find him anywhere

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2 Comments on “Masters scholar athletes?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    So Trump is writing his life story, which he says will put Michelle Obama’s new book to shame. It’s gona be called “Unbecoming”

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