The Eagle has landed?


Eagles coach Doug Pederson said yesterday “Carson Wentz is the quarterback going forward.” Guessing Wentz might be forgiven for not being too unhappy New Orleans Saints came to beat Philadelphia last week?

Brandon Wimbush is transferring from Notre Dame to UCF “I am excited to announce that UCF has granted me an awesome opportunity to play my last year of collegiate football for their great University.”
Well, at least he isn’t even pretending it’s about academics.

So do hamberders go well with covfefe?

The official White House story is that Trump fed the Clemson team fast food because of the shutdown. Gosh, if there were only a hotel near the White House where Trump knew the catering staff….

British Parliament rejects PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the European Union – 432 votes to 202
Gosh, who knew a country could get a vote so wrong?

So maybe Britain can just do a mulligan and have the whole country revote on Brexit?
Millions of Americans wish they could do the same with 2016.

This 2020 election cycle is going to be tough for Donald Trump. So many women running for President, so little time to think of childish nicknames for them all.

Open note to IRS workers, if Donald Trump calls you back to work without pay it might be an understandable error to accidentally release his tax returns.

Surest sign things are not going well for Donald Trump? Fox News has headlines about another caravan again.

Historically Presidents have loved to visit children’s classrooms. Guess we can be sure though Donald Trump won’t visit the new school where Karen Pence will teach,  which bans LGBTs.  They don’t allow anyone guilty of “moral misconduct” – including “heterosexual activity outside of marriage (e.g., premarital sex, cohabitation, extramarital sex).”

Seriously, how hard would it be for Donald Trump to end the shutdown, declare he will privately fund the wall as a profit making operation and then lie about it being done?


From Marc Ragovin  “Now that Steve King has been stripped of his committee seats, he will probably announce his retirement to spend more time with his klan … I mean clan.”

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One Comment on “The Eagle has landed?”

  1. Frank Workman Says:

    Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have made a ‘deal’ to get all the hamberders comped by the companies in exchange for the publicity….and still claim he paid for it out of his own pocket.

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