Marching and running and passing in….

Not sure what’s more miraculous this year. That the Saints offense is so dazzling? Or that the Saints defense is actually competent.

Would like to thank the Saints today for providing a lovely few hours diversion from all the current crap in the world. (Eagles fans can disregard this statement.)

Somehow I can’t find a score. Anyone know how 49ers did against Bye Week?

Gregg Popovich has indicated he doesn’t want to coach forever, Steve Kerr could get tired of locker-room drama. Looking better and better for

From an anonymous friend – “What if we could mobilize 15,000 golf caddies and send them to CA to rake forest floors with their sand-trap rakes? Anyone know someone who owns a bunch of golf courses?”

Another inhuman thing about Donald Trump, besides not owning a pet, is there any evidence that he actually has a favorite sports team?

The Cleveland Browns are reportedly interviewing Condoleezza Rice to be their head coach.
Your sad reminder that the job George W. Bush really wanted was commissioner of Major League Baseball.


For those wondering, why Donald Trump might be acting particularly unhinged lately, your reminder that due to election, weather, mass shootings and fires, he hasn’t been able to golf for several weeks. Womp Womp

Asked to grade his presidency, Donald Trump “I would give myself an A+, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?”
Another step closer to his own DSM page.

Two close elections remind us, again, that there is nothing REALLY wrong with Florida that couldn’t be fixed by removing the Panhandle and making it officially part of Alabama.

So Donald Trump says he hasn’t listened to the Khashoggi murder tape. Maybe because he already heard the script in advance?

As Speaker John Boehner regularly used his young conservative members as a reason he couldn’t make more liberal compromises with Obama.¬† Nancy Pelosi as Speaker can play the same hand in reverse and better.


Don’t get me wrong, I like Sherrod Brown of Ohio, it’s possible Democrats may need a white man to win the Presidency in 2020.
But just pointing out. Sherrod, while a friend of Bernie’s, endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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One Comment on “Marching and running and passing in….”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    It is my opinion that if George W. had become commissioner of baseball instead of Bud Selig that both MLB and the United States would be better off today.

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