Fools Golden Knights?

So who do the powers that be in college football dread more having playoff credibility – University of Central Florida or Washington State?

Here’s an idea. Any “Power 5” conference team that makes it to College Football Playoff with 1 or more losses, is REQUIRED to schedule a game with any undefeated FBS team excluded from playoffs.


Notre Dame beat Syracuse 36-3.   The Fighting Irish, now 3-0 in games played at the Yankee Stadium do seem seems like a good fit to play in the Bronx –  it’s a close call whose fans are more full of themselves.

Not only was Alabama unscored upon in November,  The Citadel scored more against Alabama than Missouri, Ole Miss, Mississippi State or LSU.


Ohio State beats Maryland by 1, Penn State beats Rutgers by 13, Alabama only beats Citadel by 33. Biggest losers today – betters who took favorites with the spread.

Royal Caribbean’s new Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever to sail out of Miami, has 18 decks. Making the odds of leaving your phone, book or sunscreen at least 15 decks away, better than you think.

Retired Forest Service scientist on Camp Fire fires “Vast majority of land that has burned so far is in private ownership. Therefore, managing land & vegetation in that area is up to individual landowner.”

And isn’t Trump all about ending expensive government regulation

Trump administration denied today that they had made a final determination on Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.
So assume the choice is between ignorance and apathy – “We don’t know.” Or “We don’t care.”

So California should rake our forest floors. But hey, you red states, go on cutting regulations and building codes and keep right on putting houses in tornado and hurricane zones.

There were some MAGA Trump Suporters wearing masks when Donald Trump tour Northern California this morning. Wait… masks? Presumably to protect from smoke?  I thought Trumpsters didn’t believe in science.


“We just hugged them and we kissed them — and everybody. And it was very warm. It was tragic, and yet in one way it was a very beautiful moment.” Trump after visiting Thousand Oaks shooting victims. This man is sick. Period.

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