Still going…

Rafael Nadal – Dominic Thiem US Open match lasted 4 hours and 49 minutes. Wow. That’s almost as long as the average Red Sox-Yankees game.

SF Giants Dereck Rodriguez  on Coors Field: “I forgot how fun it is to pitch here. I love this mound here. It’s just really fun pitching here.”

Forget the Giants losing game. Hope that statement isn’t enough to get D-Rod drug-tested.

Trump says Nike made “a terrible mistake,” Serena Williams lauds their Kaepernick ad. How long for the Presidential tweet saying “Serena is overrated?”

So are the people cutting the Nike swooshes off their socks and other athletic wear replacing the symbol with a more appropriate snowflake?

So how many MAGAers are burning their Nikes and replacing them with cheap shoes made in China?

Nonpolitical thought for the day. Cruise ships love to see bears, it’s like real-life Nature Channel. Bears love to see cruise ships, it’s like real-life Food Network.

Theranos is formally shutting down. The whole thing was such a con you have to wonder if Trump was somehow involved?


Looking good for all those with John Kelly in Trump firing bingo


Presidential tweets on Typhoon in Japan – zero, Presidential tweets on Tropical Storm hitting Gulf Coast – zero. Presidential tweets on Woodward book Trump claims is fake – about six. So far today.

If we can’t confirm a Supreme Court judge eight months before an election, how can we possibly confirm a Supreme Court judge eight WEEKS before an election?

If “elections have consequences”  then Democrats would have a whole lot less problem with Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed. Because Merrick Garland would have been confirmed.


Fred Guttenberg wishes HE could still be a great carpool dad for his daughter.#Kavanaugh

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