Decisions decisions

How many 49ers fans are torn between desire to support Colin Kaepernicik and Nike and still really glad Kap is no longer San Francisco’s QB?


As Miami Marlins stagger to the end of their seasons, they would like to thank the Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes for distracting Florida sports fans this weekend.

Unhappiest people right now besides Roger Federer fans have to be advertisers who bought time with ESPN for the US Open’s next’s men’s round.

Meanwhile for all those little girls who wanted to grow up to be ballerinas AND rule the world….tutu.jpg


So what do you do if you’re a MAGAer with Tiger Woods Nike merchandise and you want to keep it because Trump is supporting Tiger but now Nike is supporting Colin Kaepernick?
Hatred is so confusing.


Guessing Donald Trump would be threatening to boycott Nike if he’d ever bought Nike shoes or work out gear in his life.

John Kerry will not rule out a run for President in 2020. Because we don’t have enough candidates to represent the demographic of old white men?

Seahawks owner Paul Allen gave $100 to GOP to help them keep the House this November. Because billionaires didn’t get a big enough tax cut?


Dr. Gary Tigges apologized after being quoted in the Dallas Medical Journal as saying about women doctors’ salaries “Yes, there is a pay gap, Female physicians do not work as hard and do not see as many patients as male physicians”
Was Tigges hoping to be hired as White House physician?

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One Comment on “Decisions decisions”

  1. Curt R. Says:

    Allen donated $100,000., not $100.

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