Losing a lion

We knew it was coming, but still, too soon. RIP John McCain.


A great way for one of John McCain’s GOP colleagues to honor him would be trying to emulate him some time by putting country over party.

Even Fox News loved John McCain more than they will ever love Donald Trump.

Susan Collins said John McCain’s death meant we have “lost the last lion.”  Perhaps it is time to look to the lionesses.

Hawaii will play South Korea for the Little League World Series Championship. Waiting for hard-core MAGAers to protest that there’s no US team involved.

Urban Meyer’s lawyer said the Buckeyes football coach “fell on the sword” in accepting Ohio State’s “punishment.”
Uh, please, a three-game suspension where only conference game is vs. Rutgers? More like fell on a semi-sharp pencil.

Urban Meyer Friday “Let me say here and now what I should have said on Wednesday: I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through,”
Translation, someone heard from his wife or lawyer.

Does anyone doubt that if the Buckeyes were a .500 football team, Urban Meyer would have been fired weeks ago?

Apparently Maryland AD Kevin Anderson used department money to hire a lawyer for two football-players accused of sexual misconduct.
Ah, for the days that the Terps were only embarrassing on the field….

Does GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, who just threw his wife under the bus by blaming her for his misuse of campaign funds, realize women have the right to vote?


Three people shot, one fatally, at a Florida high school football game. Well, clearly all football fans need to be armed.

Mike Pence has been so invisible lately you figure Dick Cheney must have given him the key to his undisclosed secret location.

“Donald Trump said he’d run into a school to face an armed killer. But he’s afraid to confront 5’4″ 71 year-old Jeff Sessions in person and needs to insult him on Twitter.”

Trump spoke at Ohio GOP fundraising dinner Friday night. Gov. John Kasich said he had a personal scheduling conflict and couldnt attend. So was he washing his hair or his truck?

You can tell GOP is seriously worried about Duncan Hunter’s seat. Fox News headline “Grandson of Munich terrorist rises in race against indicted Rep. Hunter, disavows dark family past.”

Ammar Campa-Najjar’s grandfather died 16 years before he was born.

So as Donald Trump becomes increasing unhinged about this #WitchHunt, how long until he unleashes the flying monkeys?

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