Too many characters?

Now it’s the White Sox’s Michael Kopech apologizing for racist homophobic teenage tweets. Think Jon Lester has it right – “…scrub your account of anything you wouldn’t want plastered next to your face on front page of newspaper. Better yet, don’t say stupid things in the first place.”

And didn’t we all have the reeling SF Giants managing to beat Jacob deGrom?

According to ESPN “upon learning about accusations made by Courtney Smith… Urban Meyer and a fellow football staffer discussed how to adjust settings on Meyer’s phone so that text messages more than a year old would be deleted.”

Maybe Kathy Bates was right “foosball is da devil.”


Just for the heck of it – the Who’s Roger Daltrey, interviewed last week & talking about his avoidance of hard drugs. “All I ever did was pot. I was f*cking boring. You try getting three people on acid from the Monterey Pop Festival to London.”

Rudy Giuliani said the American people would “revolt” if Trump is impeached. Only the revolting ones.

Duncan Hunter spent $600 of campaign funds on an airline ticket for a rabbit? Forget representing his constituents, the man isn’t even smart enough to find a decent travel agent.

It has been over a month & Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned another incredible young woman murdered in July #NiaWilson
Wonder why?

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse says he warned “Trump that firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions “would be a very, very, very bad idea.”
And what if Trump does it anyway? Sasse will be “very very” troubled?

Lindsay Graham, who in 2017 said if Trump fired Sessions “there will be holy hell to pay.” now says “The president’s entitled to an attorney general he has faith in…” Forget coal, we could power much of the US with wind power from spinning Republicans.

What times we live in when a President can’t even rely on his Pecker.


As Trump tweets late night again with a false brag about his election, who knew that 3am phone call POTUS would be ready for would be from Vladimir Putin or Sean Hannity?

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