New York state of mind?

Mets actually won tonight, hope this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse.

A body was discovered at home of NY Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Wait, I thought all the stiffs in NY were playing for the Mets. #BustoHell

Forget “Rolaids Reliever of the Year,” think Archie Bradley wins the “Pepto-Bismol Reliever of the Year.”

“Leave my husband alone” – Elaine Chao. Also countless immigrant women and gay men

If Sarah Sanders thinks she can’t have a nice simple dinner out now, wait until she finds out how many restaurants don’t want to deal with hassle of Secret Service escorts too.

Too soon to start a pool as to when @realDonaldTrump will come up with a nasty nickname for Alexandra  Ocasio Cortez?


Got to love Trump chortling over a white establishment male Democrat losing his Primary…. to a MORE liberal Latina woman. Mean bitch Karma popping another cold one.

Trump says he’d run into a school to face an armed killer? Wonder how long it will be before he’s afraid to face a group of Harley Davidson bikers?

Democrats looking for something productive to do in Wisconsin might consider voter registration in Milwaukee right now. It’s the headquarters of #HarleyDavidson

So has anyone reminded @realDonaldTrump that his new BFF Kim Jong Un is now on the travel ban list?

Suppose Trump travel ban makes SOME sense because most of the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Oh, Saudis aren’t on list….. Never mind.

Targeted advertising fail of the day.
“Janice, you’ve been such a loyal and committed supporter. I want you to know that I’m fighting alongside you every step of the way.Our hard work is paying off. We are winning the fight.
Please make a contribution of $50, and I would be honored to sign a copy of my book (“Trump’s America”) for you.

Your Friend, Newt Gingrich

Satellite images  reportedly show North Korea upgrading nuclear research facility: report

Congrats to all those who had June 27 in the pool.

As we argue over whether Civility will matter with Trump voters, can we remember, Trump wasn’t elected so much because conservatives voted for him as because liberals voted third party or stayed home!  VOTE!

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