Big tent?

ESPN reports that Lebron James doesn’t want a “recruiting circus” with his free agency.
Uh, with “The Decision” Lebron is the one who first put up the circus tent.

On a Monday when Giants had an off day, Cubs against Dodgers had runners on 1st and 2nd with no one out, and bunted into a double play. Then had runners at 1st and 3rd with one out and hit into another double play.   For SF fans looked WAY too familiar.

So somehow ESPN’s “The Body” issue neglected Bartolo Colon?

Uruguay beat Russia today at the World Cup.   Fortunately Russia is still advancing so the Uruguay team won’t suddenly find their visas revoked.

In Ohio, a bank teller convinced a robber she needed to swipe his driver’s license to get more cash from the ATM. Police then showed up at the guy’s house later with a warrant for his arrest. #Crooksarestupid

Flight delays today at SFO due to a pothole closing one runway. Wonder which airline will be first to institute a “runway maintenance fee”?

As my friend Rick said ” That’s not a pothole, it’s a ground-based turbulence simulator.”

Maybe the Tallahassee Trail is where Trump told Melania HE was going.

Sarah Sanders says she complained (illegally) about Red Hen restaurant using her “official account” because she was responding to “news of the day.”
Uh, Sarah, it wasn’t news until you made it news.

Just guessing the Red Hen doesn’t serve the well-done steak with ketchup that Trump likes anyway…

Just checking, do MAGAers feel that a restaurant owner should also have to serve someone who comes in being polite but wearing a “F*ck Trump” shirt?

Lots of Trumpers criticizing a tweet I wrote about Trump wanting to be King. Most of them saying a US President is like a king. Funny, I missed GOP saying that when Obama was President.

So at Trump rallies will supporters alternate cries for #Civility with #LockHerUp?

If insults, rudeness and a lack of civility were enough to deter Americans from voting for a candidate then @HillaryClinton would be President.

Pelosi and Schumer rebuked Maxine Waters over civility. Somehow I missed GOP leaders doing the same with Trump.

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5 Comments on “Big tent?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    I wonder what Rick Harrison is now gonna do with all his dad’s stuff

  2. Paul Moertl Says:

    Just a note to let you know that I have been a subscriber on Facebook for some time now and will continue to be one. Love your stuff!

  3. […] Could be due to the word “visa” instead of the brand popping up as in this article: […]

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