Questions, questions…

So Warriors have their third championship parade in four years.  Will the team that can finally take the parade from Oakland be the Golden State executive staff that decided to move the team to a fancy expensive arena in San Francisco.

Meanwhile Tim Duncan apparently flying to New York for dinner with Gregg Popovich and maybe another person…   The king’s the thing?



Andrew Luck said he “absolutely” will be playing Colts opening game against Bengals. And if Indy’s O-line isn’t much better, he stands a good chance of being injured by game two.

Trump about Kim Jong Un. “His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor.”
Maybe because those who don’t show love and fervor are dead?


Looks like Katie Arrington will win South Carolina primary.   But tweet from Trump supporting her over Sanford less than 3 hours before polls closed was like supporting Warriors over Cavs with 3-0 NBA Finals lead.

Fox News “Pro-Trump firebrand Corey Stewart wins Virginia Senate primary.”
Is “Pro-Trump firebrand” the new Fox term for “white supremacist?

Why would a President who regularly backs out of deals that predecessors and even he himself has signed expect that Kim Jong Un would do anything different?

Five primaries today. Meanwhile, in San Francisco they ONLY have 17,000 ballots to count to decide will be mayor. Imagine how long it would take if the city weren’t such a high-tech hub.

So Judith Nathan, the wife sleeping with Giuliani while he was married to Donna Hanover, is now complaining Rudy was having an affair during end of THEIR marriage. @TheOnion is going, we give up.

So @POTUS “trusts” Kim Jong Un but thinks “there’s a special place in hell for Justin Trudeau. Beam me up Scotty…

Seriously have to wonder, is there ANYTHING Trump could do or anyone he could befriend & MAGAers would criticize him for it?

Question of the night – anybody but me having a hard time understanding why ANY woman would want to sleep with Rudy Guiliani?

And then…  anyone but me think on occasion that if the South wants to secede again US should let them go? And even/especially give them dibs on POTUS?

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