Parade time…

Both NBA and NHL championship parades on the same day. Well, that’s something that will never happen in New York City.

So SF Giants put journeyman pitcher Derek Holland against NL East leading Nationals and  probable future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer and win 2-0.   Then they put Madison Bumgarner against the lowly Marlins and  Miami pitcherWei-Yin Chen with an ERA over 5, and lose 5-7.  Baseball is a funny game.

Thanks to Steve Chapman for this comment last night – ‘Justify turned down an invitation to the White House.

When asked why, the Triple Crown winner said “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass I would have finished second.”


IHOP to IHOB. Because one thing America doesn’t have is enough burger restaurants?

Jeff Sessions just said that domestic abuse is not reason enough to seek asylum in US. Heck, it’s not even reason enough to be fired from the White House.

And across American millions of straight men are actually telling their wives and girlfriends “We pre-empted #TheBachelorette for his?” #SingaporeSummit

Love may made, but the internet is forever.

Maybe after this week US can borrow the title for our dollar coins from Canada – “loonies.”

Hmm, maybe that’s the future Trump coin?

Bus to hell time.  Maybe God is a #JustinTrudeau fan?  #LarryKudlow

After G-7 POTUS apparently will ALSO leave North Korea summit early. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised, we knew Trump finishes faster than average from Stormy Daniels.


So all MAGAers thrilled Trump has arranged a meeting with dictator who’s been wanting to be legitimized with a summit for years…
Can see why GOP is afraid of education, it causes Democrats.

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One Comment on “Parade time…”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Get Well Wishes to Larry K. A heart attack and being stabbed in the back are totally different… just sayin…

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