Yes, chef

If there’s a Heaven have to believe Anthony Bourdain is cooking there tonight, but not without a stop in Hell’s Kitchen.

Anthony Bourdain must have been in incredible pain. But like to think he’d be smiling in that for one day he took headlines from Trump.

One story I loved about Anthony Bourdain is him writing that as a child he ate food he didn’t think he’d like just to prove to his parents he could. And then he ended up liking much of it. Great attitude to food and life.

Now it appears as if Lebron James may have played last three games of playoffs with a broken or almost broken hand from slamming a white board after the Cavs game 1 loss.

So besides smart players and a good coach maybe Spurs can offer Lebron padded white boards?

Someone posted a picture of Gregg Popovich yesterday in New York City….. shopping for books.

Don’t look now, but the SF Giants, still with 3 starters on the DL,  have somehow staggered their way over .500.


Trump says of NBA champions, before game 4  -“we’re not going to invite either team.” Uh, you can’t dis-invite anyone who has already made it clear they aren’t coming to your party.

Doesn’t Konstantin Kilimnik sound like a villain in a Rocky and Bullwinkle episode?

Story that Scott Pruitt sent EPA staffers to look for Ritz Carlton moisturizer is bad enough. But given what we know about him almost certain Pruitt also asked them to get it for free for him from hotel maids.

This week Trump has alienated France, Germany and Canada. Says he’s leaving G-7 early and complaining “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?”
So just how long is this pee tape?

Daily Telegraph reports Trump won’t meet with Theresa May at G-7 ” “because she always focuses on policy discussion rather than normal conversation.” Translation, British PM doesn’t want to praise him.

If you’re an adult without a pre-existing condition you probably just don’t know what it is yet.

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