Congrats to the Washington Capitals on their first Stanley Cup win ever.

Alex Ovechkin reportedly first Russian to lead his team to a championship in Washington, DC. Well, maybe the 2nd.

Julian Edelman suspended 4 games for PEDs. Gosh, who would ever believe Patriots would be caught cheating?

Wonder if New England fans are feeling deflated by the news.


Will Trump sue the Washington Capitals for  using “ALLCAPS” as a hashtag, because he thinks he invented the idea on Twitter?

(also waiting for the first picture of the DC streets that looks like a bigger happier crowd than Trump’s inaugural…

Starbucks raised price of its brewed coffee 10-20 cents yesterday. Well, all that “free” toilet paper gets expensive.

Mika Brezenski says a Trump friend told her Donald’s biggest complaint was that he’s not allowed to watch porn in White House.”
If so, makes a lot more sense why Trump clings to his unsecured phone… presumably with unlimited data plan.

Third person attacked at Yellowstone National Park this week, all because they got too close to animals. Hope the Park gets a quantity discount on Darwin Awards.

At times like this useful to remember that on Sept 10, 2001, Rudy Guiliani was an unpopular lame-duck NY mayor who had withdrawn from a Senate race he was going to lose, and whose messy affair with his 3rd-wife-to-be had made him a joke.

Tennessee hardware store owner put a #NoGaysAllowed” sign in his window. Does he stop his kids from listening to Disney from “Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast?

Trump says “I don’t think I have to prepare very much” for North Korea summit. Does he really think he has to prepare very much for anything?

As we still count primary ballots in California, and yes, the ballot WAS the size of a novella this year, here’s an advance suggestion for November.  If you feel overwhelmed or don’t have an opinion on certain propositions/local elections – just go vote anyway for the issues and candidates that matter to you.
Not necessary to fill in the whole ballot. It is, to my mind, necessary these days to vote.

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