Pushing the Panik button

So I get Joe Panik coming back to SF Giants after more than a month on DL inspired other hitters. Who knew it might have inspired the pitchers?  (First win against Phillies in 7 games, and a 4-0 shutout.)

Three questions. 1. Have the Cavs told JR Smith what day and time Game 2 of the NBA finals is?  2. Does he remember?  3. Do they care?


Years from now when trivia contests ask “Who shot JR?” millions of millennials will assume it was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

NBA now says Draymond Green should have been called for lane violation w/ George Hill’s free throw & and a shooting foul w/ 12 seconds left for grabbing Lebron James. I’m sure that makes Cavs feel SO much better. #NBAFinals

Trump complaining Mueller investigation has cost $17 million. Considering that Red Sox are paying Pablo Sandoval $18 million to be a utility player for SF Giants the investigation seems like a great deal.

When Pete Rose bet on baseball, he reportedly bet Reds to win. So what did it hurt? Well, what if you’re a bookie & Rose bets 1st 3 games of a series, but not 4th?  Same applies to Trump bragging early on jobs… what does it tell traders if he says nothing in future?

An Uber driver apparently fatally shot a passenger in Denver. Well, that’s not going to do much for his driver rating. #Bustohell #Ubertohell

Who knew you could get Ambien at Buffalo Wild Wings?

So the price of the summit being back on with North Korea was a hamburger stand? Heaven help us if Kim Jong Un offers Trump a branded hotel and golf course.

So what would have happened if Samantha Bee had simply said “Someone should try to get Ivanka’s attention by grabbing her by the p*ssy?”

When it comes to White House pretend outrage over #SamanthaBee, thinking I have no more fecks to give.


As Charles Kushner knocks ethics watchdogs, useful to remember that when his sister’s husband cooperated with Feds, Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother in law, had it recorded & sent tape to his sister. #thebestpeople

Trump bragging in Texas on Puerto Rico response “I saw the work you did. I don’t think any brand has gained more momentum or gained any more of anything than the brand of the United States Coast Guard.”
Gosh, what would he have said if the death toll were 10,000?

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