Down with the count

Southwest flies to Cleveland. So at least it’s a great endorsement opportunity for JR Smith  #WannaGetAway?

Who says NBA players don’t need to study math in school?

Warriors do have a charmed life.  In 2015 Kyrie Irving was injured in game 1, in 2017, Kawhi Leonard was injured in game 1, and in 2018 JR Smith WASN’T injured in game 1.

Wonder if anyone on the Spurs thought of tweeting to free agent Lebron James, “Pop makes sure in San Antonio we can all count.”

Am I allowed to say that wherever Melania Trump is and whatever she is doing, I hope it’s making @realDonaldTrump sweat a bit.

Lakers indicating they won’t draft LiAngelo Ball. Gosh, wonder why they wouldn’t want a mediocre player who’s already been arrested for theft and would double the team’s fun with dad LaVar.

If Bill Cosby knew it would have gotten him pardoned he’d have signed up for “The Apprentice.”

Fox News wants ABC to resurrect Roseanne. Gosh, if only they knew a network that could pick up the show….

Samantha Bee has apologized for her word choice last night. Silly woman, she should have realized “c*nt” is reserved for Trump supporters to use about Hillary Clinton.


So if #SamanthaBee had copied @realDonaldTrump and called Sally Yates “such a c*nt.” it would be been okay then?

But really, “pussy” is much more Presidential.

Orrin Hatch “In light of the mounting evidence that these tariffs will harm Americans, I will continue to push the administration to change course.”
In other words, more “thoughts and prayers.”

So good to see all these Republicans saying Trump has finally gone too far with pardoning a hateful crook like Dinesh D’Souza. Oh wait… never mind.


Let’s be honest. If Trump could figure out a way to bring Osama Bin Laden back to life he’d consider it to take the glory from Obama.

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