Legging it out.

Congratulations Justify on his Preakness win. Even if horse doesn’t win the Triple Crown he’ll now actually be a star with legitimate reason to have sex with females he just met.

Best line heard at Preakness – outside the Ladies room – “If women hadn’t had to have spent so much line waiting in bathroom lines, we’d be ruling the world by now.

Open note to all Brandon Belt haters. Do you prefer medium or well-done for your crow?

But is it somewhere in the rule book that every time #SFGiants pitchers walk the lead off batter that batter has to score?


Something like 10 percent of MLB players have a “therapeutic use exception” for Ritalin. While it may not help them hit home runs last I looked they don’t  shoot up schools either.

Sergio Romo made his second one-inning start in a row today.  Worked well. And had to be a lot less stressful for Rays fans than when SF Giants fans watched him pitch the 9th.

That #RoyalWedding was so much fun to watch, guessing some American men on the West Coast will regret not waking up in middle of night to see it. At least two or three of them

MLK quotes from a black preacher and “Stand By Me”sung by a black choir. Just like we always expected to see at a British Royal Wedding.

“And with this I’ll sit down, we gotta get y’all married.” If we didn’t love #BishopMichaelCurry already…


Does the queen sing “God save me?”#RoyalWedding

Maybe Mueller investigation will distract Trump from figuring out what revenge to try to enact on England for not inviting him to #RoyalWedding

Rain all weekend until today in DC. And such a tweet storm Sunday am from Trump.   Reminds all of us who’ve had young children what it’s like after a few days when they’d been cooped up indoors.

“I hereby demand”. Sounds like someone didn’t get enough timeouts when he was three.


I think with Trump and GOP leaders, we’ve largely answered the question “Are you a good witch. or a bad witch?” #Witchhunt

Must admit it was a really ingenious plot for Obama and Clinton to try to bring down Trump by colluding to lose the election and framing him for it. Even Agatha Christie wouldn’t have thought of this one.


Uh oh, today at Liberty University Jimmy Carter joked that his commencement address crowd was bigger than last year’s for Donald Trump. Now @realDonaldTrump has to come up with a nasty nickname for Jimmy too

So can we have another Royal Wedding next weekend tomorrow for distraction from what a clusterf*ck American politics has become?

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