Different speeds.

Cardinals rookie Jordan Hicks threw 2 pitches at 105 mph yesterday. What’s the big deal?  Jamie Moyer often threw 2 pitches that totaled 105 mph.

Several blowouts already.  And no game in the NBA conference finals has been closer than 9 points. Tonight’s was only that close because Cavs eased up with a 13 point lead at the end. And they say the regular season has no drama?

Steph Curry’s mom apparently gave him an earful and told him to wash his mouth out with soap after he yelled out “This is my f*cking house!” after a nice one handed shot last night.    Well, for long time Giants fans at least Curry also brought back memories of Will Clark in 1987 – “I’ve been waiting for this since I was a f*cking amateur.”

(Clark on his morning show on KNBR also indicated he heard from mom.)


SF Giants play two games in Houston.   Wednesday’s starter, Jeff Samardzija, has an ERA of 6.30.  Astros starters Cole and Verlander have a COMBINED era under 3.00 (1.75 and 1.05)  At least it’s a short series.

Serious Royal Wedding fans may have to watch a lot of replays of Harry and Meghan’s ceremony. to keep getting their fix.  Prince George, next in line for a major extravaganza, is four.


Trump lauds NASCAR because “they stand for the National Anthem.”  Right, except many of them think that anthem is “Dixie.”

Obamas have signed a production contract with Netflix.  So how long until Trump adds Netflix to his hit list?

Russian media slammed the Royal Wedding coverage as “propaganda.”  Maybe Trump told Putin his feelings were hurt by not getting an invitation?


How long until someone in GOP suggests stopping school violence by closing schools? After all, education causes Democrats.

Who knew that whole Valerie Plame debacle would one day look so quaint?

Now Trump refuses to follow security protocols on cellphone he uses to call friends and complain Hillary should be locked up for her emails. #WTF?

From TC  “an Amazon customer was dinged $7,000 in shipping fees for three boxes of toilet paper delivered to her residence: “When this Georgia customer saw the charge on her credit card, her first words were ‘holy sh*t'”

(and Trump wants to RAISE Amazon’s shipping costs?”

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