This should deflate his ego?

After receiving a text from Tom Brady  Ichiro reportedly responded “Who the f*** is Tom Brady?”

Meaning that outside of Boston area, Ichiro just became a lot of NFL fans’ all time favorite baseball player.

Question after watching tonight’s Phillies-Giants blowout.  If you shouldn’t bunt when you are down 10 runs, why should you be able to shift when you are up 10 runs?

SF Giants game tomorrow is broadcast not on TV on Facebook. The way Giants are playing in Philly would be better if there were a Bay Area blackout.

So Mark Ingram claims through his agents that he tested positive for a substance that was “permissible with the proper use exemption with the NFL.”

Thinking, why didn’t he hire agents who could get him the ‘proper use exemption with the NFL”?

Wait a minute, all three Americans freed by North Korea were originally immigrants to the US. Does that mean Trump will soon be sending them back?

Today Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump is ‘committed to a free press.” Let me correct her slip of the tongue. She meant “Trump wants the free press committed.”

So does anyone really think #ATT and #Novartis were the only companies who paid Cohen?

A scary thought, people who only watch Fox News probably have no idea who @MichaelAvenatti is.

Trump already doesn’t have press conferences & only takes questions from friendly reporters. Now “Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?”
I liked “1984” better when it was satire.

How long until Trump decides to announce he is renaming the US “Trump Oceania.”

Gina Haspel says she doesn’t think President Trump would ask her for a pledge of loyalty. Forget the torture issue. If she really believes that Haspel is too STUPID to be CIA director.

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