Almost preseason ..

For CFL (Canadian football league) and Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts.    Their first game, June 1.

Which will be very welcome up north, because…

Raptors getting steamrolled and swept by Cavs had to be most embarrassing story for Toronto sports teams in May.    Raptors against James Paxton  – “Hold our (Molson’s) beer.”

Something about players named James in Toronto….. #Lebron #Paxton

Baseball players being so superstitious, how long until other pitchers try to get an eagle to land on them too?


So after last two nights in Philly can we put out an all-points bulletin for missing SF Giants bats?

Saints’ Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs. Okay, here’s the poll question of the day. Will he claim “mistake in taking medication,” or “tainted supplement

Proving that mean bitch karma is a sports fan: Matt Harvey refuses to go to a AAA team. And ends up with the 8-27 Reds.


Trump on ending the Iran deal “When I make promises I keep them.’ Except for example, “forsaking all others…

Trump says Iran was the “dumbest deal ever.”   Not counting your lawyer paying significant money to a porn star you never had an affair with, not to talk about that non-existent affair…?

Since Melania successfully coopied #BeBest how long until Donald  Trump resurrects same Iran deal Obama negotiated, slaps the Trump name on it, and demands Nobel Peace Prize?

All this talk that pulling out of Iran deal might cause war, or at the least some major anti-USA terrorist act – wouldn’t that be exactly what Trump wants to help his poll numbers? #USAUSAUSA

Rudy Giuliani said StormyDaniels “debased herself” by appearing on “SNL” So what was Rudy doing hosting the show in 1997?

4.6 Earthquake near Los Angeles. No harm done. But Californians should realize if the big one hits, Trump’s response will no doubt make his response to Puerto Rico look great by comparison.


So was today the day that Michael Avenatti dropped a house on the first witch?


So Trump tears up Iran Deal, insulting France AND Germany. Russians may have deleted voters from US rolls, $500k payoff to Michael Cohen from Russian oligarch to Stormy Daniels payoff account, more money to Cohen from AT&T etc… . And it’s only Tuesday.

Trump says pulling out of Iran deal sends message “The United States no longer makes empty threats.” Nope, it sends message that United States cannot be trusted on a deal.”

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