Prodigal Panda

So how had the only SF Giants pitcher who would have a 1-2-3 inning in game one of a double header against LA Dodgers Saturday would be Pablo Sandoval?

At least the Giants scored enough that Bruce Bochy didn’t have to use Panda to close in the nightcap.


Carmelo Anthony on possibilities for next year with the OKC Thunder “Yeah, I’m not sacrificing no bench role.  That’s out of the question.”

Proving once again, maybe you can’t cure cancer. But you can sometimes trade it.

And then who had the SF Giants scoring 13 runs in two games  – more than they scored in the first week and only managing to win one?

Just wondering how many of these newly minted experts in NFL draft will remember where three-quarters of these players were drafted by opening week?

That moment when you read on Twitter that Paul Ryan nominated rich televangelist Joel Osteen, who wouldn’t open his 16,000 person church to hurricane Harvey victims as House Chaplain. And you have no idea if it’s satire.

Trying to imagine GOP reaction if Nancy Pelosi as Speaker had ever fired a House chaplain?

Tonight Trump told supporters in Michigan “I’d rather be with you” than in DC. Of course, on any weekend that there isn’t #WHCD he’d rather be at Mar-A-Lago or another Trump resort.


The guy who said “I really believe I’d run in there” to face an armed killer has flown to Michigan tonight to avoid facing reporters and comedians.

So how soon will Sephora start selling a smoky eye liner titled “Burnt lies?

In Nogales Arizona, officer Jesus Cordova was fatally shot, allegedly by carjacking suspect David Ernesto Murillo. Awful. But how deplorable have we become when Trump trolls mourn fallen Latino cop at same time they INSIST Latino killer must have been illegal?


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2 Comments on “Prodigal Panda”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Too bad they didn’t trot up Popovich, Cuban and DeNiro after Wolf at the WH dinner.

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