It’s all relative.

FIFA called out Trump on ethics after he tweeted about not supporting countries who don’t support North American World Cup 2026 bid.
Give Donald Trump credit – who else could give FIFA the moral high road?

SF Giants beat Dodgers tonight aided by a run-scoring balk when Los Angeles reliever Baez fell off the mound.  Somewhere the ghost of Candlestick is claiming credit for a phantom wind.

Tonight’s NBA question “WWLF” Who Will Lebron Fire? #CavsVsPacers

Former LSU star RB Derrius Guice was chosen by the Redskins as the 59th pick, late in the 2nd round.  His draft stock had fallen significantly with rumors that there was a serious off-field issue in his past.  On a brighter note for Guice, where else but Washington, D.C, has a history of serious bad behavior become so meaningless?

Tomorrow begins round 4 of the NFL draft. And if you’re really paying attention, and aren’t related to a potential draftee… you just might need a life.

How much would we all have liked to see @realDonaldTrump try to brush dandruff off Angela Merkel?

 GOP Rep. Luke Messer will nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. What’s next? Nominating him for Husband of the Year?

House report indicates that they don’t believe Michael Flynn lied to FBI agents. Well, yes, because the only real definite confirmation of that allegation came from Flynn himself with his guilty plea.


One of those phrases we thought we’d never see “Infield hit for Buster Posey.” SFGiants

CDC now reports 98 people sick with E-Coli from eating romaine lettuce, including 10 with kidney failure.. But hey, let’s get rid of more pesky regulations

Trump on North Korea and South Korea “Let’s see what happens.” Translation, if they work things out I will take all the credit, and if not, it’s Hillary or Obama’s fault.


Rep. Patrick Meehan, under investigation for allegedly sexual harassing a female staffer & paying her off with tax dollars, has resigned. Wonder what Cabinet position Trump will nominate him for

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