It’s not easy being pink and green either.

Watching The Masters have to ask – has a ball ever listened when spectators scream “Get in the hole?”


As some wonder how Americans could have possibly voted Donald Trump into office, useful to remember, last Monday Tiger Woods was betting line favorite to win The Masters.

All Nike golfers had to wear pink today. So has Patrick Reed made pink the new red?

Apparently fans were rooting today for Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy over Reed. Now, while I’m not a big golf fan, have read that Patrick had has some potential character issues in the past.  Fair enough. But have to wonder, seriously, how those fans would have reacted if he looked more like someone who belonged at a fancy country club.

And didn’t everyone have the New York Mets as the last 1 loss team in the NL?

Will Clark’s legendary home run to centerfield in his first AB against Nolan Ryan was 32 years ago today. Now I feel old. #Yougottalikethesekids
From LA Times “The exhibition season ended with a sewage spill at Dodger Stadium. The actual baseball hasn’t looked much better…” SF Giants fans after a 98 loss season feel your pain. Well, maybe.

In Oklahoma a 13 year-old decided to take a joy-ride in his father’s pickup.  Dad saw the truck being driven. didn’t recognize him and fatally shot the kid.  If only the boy were armed….  #Murica

In Orlando, reports of gunshots at the Florida Mall turned out to be fireworks.   No injuries reported.  But imagine if all the other shoppers had been armed.

Van driver in Muenster reportedly a German citizen with psychological problems. Translation, he was white.

As a real-estate developer, @realDonaldTrump lobbied against sprinklers in residential buildings. Right, more of those regulations that kill… jobs?

Now @realDonaldTrump is tweeting about how awful things are for people in Syria & blaming Obama. Yeah & what about that awful a**hole who banned even refugees from Syria from entering US?

“Animal Assad?” Well, maybe @realDonaldTrump is hoping if “animal” nickname sticks to the Syrian leader, one of his sons will shoot him?

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