It’s not easy being green, in a jacket

And didn’t we all have Patrick Reed leading #theMasters

But hey, good news for CBS and ESPN, Tiger Woods is still playing. For those who get up early on Sunday morning.


Yeah Andrew McCutchen can stay. Welcome to  SF Giants  history.  #BeatLA

So is the Warriors strategy to save ALL their remaining wins this year for NBA playoffs?

Phillies 20, Marlins 1. Maybe to really speed up some games MLB doesn’t need a pitch clock, it needs a mercy rule.

Terrible tragedy in Canada with at least 14 dead in junior hockey team bus crash. Absolute crickets from Trump for hours.  Finally a tweet saying he had called Justin Trudeau.    (Did someone from Fox call Trump to tell him to do it?)

Millions of us in US apologize for our President

Sad that a man has died in Trump Tower fire. But I can’t be the only one who immediately thinks “Did he piss off any Russians lately?”

While the thought of pissing off Russians isn’t REALLY a joke. It’s probably wrong to joke about a man dying in Trump Tower. But neither should @POTUS be bragging about his “well-built building” – with no sprinklers.

So do all Trump buildings not have sprinklers in them? Asking for a number of suddenly worried residents & hotel guest.

Spare me any outrage about jokes over Trump Tower fire, please. When Hillary & Bill Clinton’s house caught fire “Some political pundits took to Twitter to joke that the fire must have erupted because the Clintons were burning books or destroying evidence of wrongdoing.

If this keeps up, Scott Pruitt will indeed be fired, not for corruption, but because he is taking headlines away from @realDonaldTrump

Trump talks about death threats to Scott Pruitt. Uh, liberals in general don’t advocate killing their political enemies. He must have been thinking of Ted Nugent.

Awful that someone drove into a crowd in Muenster.   Motive unknown.  But we already know why – if he was white he was mentally ill. If Muslim, he was a terrorist.

Puerto Rico, still not recovered from hurricane, is part of USA. Which means illegal immigrants who make it to the island can fly to US mainland w/o border security. Maybe if we spread this around enough it will scare Trump into sending troops there.

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