Smoke and mirrors.

Spurs might not even make 2018 playoffs but w/ what  Gregg Popovich has left in terms of players have to figure if he were British he’d be knighted for this coaching performance.#GoSpursGo

Nothing against Curry but after the Western Conference finals with Zaza and Kawhi in 2017,  just maybe mean bitch karma has decided that Chris Paul should have a ring this year.


A 19 year old  Australian rugby player was at least temporarily paralyzed after he ate a poisonous garden slug on a dare. If only he had stuck to Tide Pods.

Lamont Smith resigned as men’s basketball coach at Univ. of San Diego after being arrested for alleged domestic violence against his mistress at a team hotel. On top of everything else, shouldn’t men know by now, when you have everything to lose, be nice to your lover. Even if they aren’t a porn star.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

Trump coming to California next week for a fundraiser & to look at prototypes for his wall. Can we practice by building a wall to keep him out?

Now POTUS is apparently annoyed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  We’re going to need a bigger card for Trump Resignation Bingo.

So@POTUS and Kim Jong Un have agreed (for now) to meet in person. If only the meeting was between Korean leader and someone a bit more rational – like Dennis Rodman.


Kim Jong Un and Trump to meet “by May.” Think either of them think “May” might be a porn star?

So the real question, who will play Kim Jong Un on SNL this May?

AZ Sen. Jeff Flake threatening to introduce legislation against Trump tariffs. So after all the angry talk over racism, lies, accusing opponents of treason, who knew Flake’s red line would be tariffs? #Priorities


#ToyRUs has announced they are liquidating. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


Now rumors are that Trump’s NDA with Stormy Daniels includes “paternity information.” We are going to have a national wide popcorn shortage

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