Putting in a good word?

Reports are that Peyton Manning could make $10 Million a year as an analyst for Fox Sports or ESPN. And that’s before he mentions Budweiser or Papa John’s every 15 minutes.

Ichiro, 44, signing 1-year deal with Mariners. When is Seattle making an offer to Jamie Moyer?

Twitter report, “Kawhi spoke and said he wanted to finish his career as a Spur.”  What?  Kawhi actually spoke?

Alexa reportedly cackling at what seems like random moments. Maybe she is laughing because of all the free information users are giving Amazon.

Tom Brady, on his children being in tears after the Super Bowl “Look, you guys, this is a great lesson. We don’t always win. We try our best and sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want.'”
So does this mean the smartest kids have fathers who play for the Cleveland Browns?

We impeached a President for lying about consensual affair with an intern- now barely blink when a President pays $130,000 to hush up an affair with a porn star. #NewAbnormal

So are Jeff Sessions and Trump REALLY upset about California because our economy is so much better than in most red states?


So tell me again why California can’t just secede and become our own country? Kindler, gentler and with a MUCH better economy

British police say former Russian spy & his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury, England. Maybe Sam Nunberg wasn’t so crazy in trying to get arrested after all.

So imagine if Bill Clinton had tried to use campaign funds to pay Monica Lewinsky not to talk about their relationship..

Trump is now denying he had an affair with Stormy Daniels Anyone want to start a pool on the date of his first #FakeDNA tweet?

Betsy DeVos visited Stoneman Douglas, not only wouldn’t talk to students, she abruptly walked out of her own press conference. This administration that thinks they are so brave is afraid of students and media. #snowflakes

Anyone else a bit disappointed that Betsy Devos did not suggest protecting students with trained grizzly bears?

Today  California Governor JerryBrown taunted Trump & Sessions, calling them liars & saying “Mueller is closing in.”   Open note to @realDonaldTrump – you can use “Moonbeam” in a tweet if you want, Jerry can take it.

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2 Comments on “Putting in a good word?”

  1. tommy dudley Says:

    i did not have sex with that woman

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