On and on….

Imagine how long the Oscars would have been if they weren’t giving away a Jetski for shortest speech…


Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro Gómez won best director & best picture for “The Shape of Water.” So will Trump congratulate him or say he should pay for the wall?

So did Jennifer Garner’s “In Memoriam” introduction remind Ben Affleck of what he lost?

Give Kobe credit, one of the first to win an Oscar AFTER his alleged sexual assault became public.

Kobe in his acceptance speech thanked his teammates.   Shocking.  Kobe knows he HAD teammates?

Can we tell @realDonaldTrump he could win a gold-plated JetSki for the shortest tweets? Asking for a country.


So tomorrow is Kobe going to come out with a special limited-edition Oscar shoe?

Can we be happy for #AllisonJanney winning and still wish that she was playing a real C.J. Cregg as Press Secretary?

This is the year when many men in Hollywood would probably have rather been featured on “In memoriam” segment than have lived through the death of their careers.

Seeing #Oscars90 trending. Are we talking about the average age of Oscars voters?


With all that’s wrong in the world, listening to Kruk and Kuip call game, even if it’s spring training, is a very good thing. @SFGiants

RIP Sir Roger Bannister, 1st to run a sub-4 minute mile. And if anyone was SURE to be in heaven before the devil knew he was dead….

Trump golf courses apparently plan to use Presidential seal at tee boxes, which is illegal. Although compared to everything else lately a little graft seems so… quaint.



So if Trump started a trade war over Hope Hicks leaving, what’s he going to do over the Steele memo?

Many of same people who think Trump was joking about being President for Life also thought the office would make him Presidential.

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