For want of a Spur?

When depleted & exhausted Spurs barely hang on to beat Grizzlies maybe it’s time for few MVP votes for Kawhi Leonard.

Disney executive James Pitaro named new president of ESPN. Cue the “Mickey Mouse organization” jokes.

The Astros sent 1st round draft pick Seth Romero home for a “violation of team policy.”  In college at the University of Houston, Romero was suspended the 1st two weeks of  2016 season “for conduct detrimental to the team. ” Then the Cougars suspended the star lefty pitcher for a failed drug test and finally in May of 2017 dismissed him from the team for ANOTHER incident.

So seems like Romero is really testing baseball’s  “10 strikes and you’re out policy.”




Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport has flight arrivals delayed today for an average of over 2 hours due to “snow and ice.” Uh, isn’t “snow and ice” in winter in MSP redundant?

Russ Solomon, 92, the founder of Tower Records, passed away yesterday. Or should we say he flipped over to the “B” side.

These days Trump has to figure he should have just let Stormy Daniels come forward with her story & save the $130,000. Not that a porn star would have bothered his supporters anyway.

Rex Tillerson has spent less of his $120 million budget to stop foreign meddling in our elections than Ben Carson wanted to spend on a dining room table.

So Sam Nunberg won’t talk to Mueller but he’ll call in to @CNN. A bit unclear on that “right to remain silent” concept?

Watching Sam Nunberg for Mueller has to feel like when you’ve been spending all day on a fishing trip and then one just jumps into your boat.

Sam Nunberg’s interviews are so bizarre you think he might be angling for the open position of White House Communications Director?

Ben Carson on the cabinet position he had no prior experience for… “There are more complexities here than in brain surgery.” Who knew HUD could be so complicated?

TMZ reports an unnamed military official “cautioned John Harbaugh and Ravens about signing Colin Kaepernick” So when did Trump hire John Kelly?

This Trump campaign sure had a lot of #covfefe boys.


As rumors fly that Trump may jettison Jared next have to wonder, how many people can you throw under the bus before wheels get jammed with bodies?




Major advantage in watching #TheBachelor is that all the people in your life feel so sane by comparison.


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