Moving on out.

Now Marlins have fired John DeCicco, Billy the Marlin for over 10 years, at home games. Are they sure they didn’t trade the mascot for a peanut vendor?


That moment when even #Browns feel a bit sorry for #Colts


On a brighter note for Knicks fans with Porzingis injury, chances of landing a lottery pick just went up

When only time you talk about football is to call the NFL disgrace over kneeling players, it seems a bit disingenuous to use tragic death of a player for politics. #EdwinJackson

Scott Boras blames lack of @MLB free agent signings on a “noncompetitive environment.” How much blame though falls on agents like Scott Boras?

#SFGiants will retire #BarryBonds‘ number. Suppose it would be inappropriate to make swelled head jokes.

Safeway has champagne/sparkling wine on sale for Valentine’s Day. Discount for 6 bottles or more. For all your “one-and-onlys?”

A San Diego Girl Scout sold over 312 boxes of cookies near a marijuana dispensary. Give that girl a merit badge for entrepreneurship.

John Kelly claims Trump hasn’t read Democratic 10 page memo. “It is quite lengthy.” That’s about 20 minutes read out loud. Any way someone can buy a few days of commercial time on #FoxAndFriends?

#TheDow is on such a roller-coast @realDonaldTrump can’t decide whether to take credit or assign blame.

Fox’s Sean Hannity blamed yesterday’s stock market plunge “because the Obama economy was so weak all of these years.” Congrats to all those who had “less than 12 hours” in the pool.

Trump Evangelical advisor Gloria Copeland – instead of flu shots “inoculate yourselves with the word of God.” Well, one way to reduce Social Security costs, just have more people die.


Two New York lawmakers want new safer packaging and warning labels added to Tide pods to make them less appealing to eat.   What, and miss out on all those well-earned Darwin awards?

Democrats just won a Missouri House seat in a district Trump won by 28 points. I missed POTUS’s tweet taking credit

WH official says Trump’s military parade would be to “highlight service & sacrifice of military & have a unifying moment for country.”
I like “biggest inaugural crowd ever” better.

Here’s an idea. What if we let Trump have his military parade only if he wears his new #CadetBoneSpurs uniform?

Another reason it will take a while to schedule Trump’s military parade: Might take bands a while to learn Russian national anthem.

Steve Wynn just stepped down as CEO of his own Wynn Resorts. Apparently if it’s bad enough what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.


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