Down under.

Congrats to Caroline Wozniacki on her Australian Open win.   So who was that golfer she used to date?

MSU coach Tom Izzo is so tone-deaf you almost wonder if he has plans to run for office.

But really, who’d a thunk a big time university sports program would turn a blind eye to sexual harassment and assault?

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ESPN’s long national nightmare is over  “Tiger Woods makes first PGA Tour cut since 2015 at Farmers Insurance Open.
Will the last player left on the Marlins please turn out the lights?
Hardest thing for GOP with #SteveWynn scandal. How do they blame this on Hillary?

As #WhyBritsDontWantTrump becomes a top hashtag in England, somewhere George W. Bush is going “Don’t look so bad now, do I?


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin called school shootings a “cultural problem” today. He’s right. Our culture is too pro-gun,

The Coast Guard has seized more than $721 million worth of cocaine off the coasts of Central and South America since late November. But hey, let’s cut their budget so Trump can build that wall.

Two refrigerators on Air Force One to be replaced at cost of $24 million.  To be fair, they have been forced to cope with record amounts of hot air.

As Trump attacks press & claims Mueller firing story is #FakeNews, whatever makes ANYONE think that he would tell the truth under oath?

Trump now whining “DACA has been made increasingly difficult..” Uh, DACA and Dreamers were just fine until you made them part of your anti-Obama mission.

That Hillary Clinton kept someone on her staff too long after he was accused of sexual harassment doesn’t mean she was as bad or worse than Trump. But it’s another reason why we need to move to a younger generation. #MeToo


Have a certain amount of sympathy for #MelaniaTrump. But imagine if Michelle Obama had made a 24 hr trip to Florida at taxpayer expense while Barack was overseas.

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2 Comments on “Down under.”

  1. tommy dudley Says:

    hard to understand suport for the womanizer tht woods prides hiself in being. halep showed heart and guts

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    Maybe Melania was down there just to clear out a few personal things.

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